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Cruise the Caribbean for an unforgettable holiday experience offering beautiful scenery, fantastic itineraries and the ideal way to see the different islands of the Caribbean.

Experience some of the finest beaches in all the world and sample a diverse culture a whole world away from anything you have seen before. From Antigua to Trinidad and Tobago you can visit the very best that the Caribbean has to offer. Swim with stingrays off the coast of Antigua, spot dolphins in Mexico and scale waterfalls in Jamaica.

While the islands of the Caribbean all share some things in common, such as beautiful scenery and fantastic beaches, each island has its own distinct culture and identity as well as their own diverse landscapes. On your Caribbean adventure you can trek through forests so green you won’t believe your eyes and listen to the song of tropical birds that fill the sky with colour. Dance the day away to the sounds of reggae and salsa beats. Dine out and sample the freshest seafood you will ever eat along with the local spicy treats. Then, before you return to your ship why not relax and unwind in a beach side hammock and watch the world go by.

Caribbean cruises can be enjoyed at any time of year thanks to its beautiful weather, great attractions and warm and welcoming locals.

Cruises offer flexible daily excursions allowing you the chance to spend the days as you wish and explore the islands in your own way. At night, cruise ships put on spectacular shows, provide a place of peace and tranquillity and offer some sumptuous food and drink.

There was a time when Caribbean holidays were just the preserve of the rich and famous but thanks to many cheap cruises to the Caribbean people from all walks of life can now experience this magical holiday destination

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