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The Mediterranean is one of the most popular destinations for cruises in the world thanks to its warm climates, varied cultures and easy travelling distance from the UK and the rest of Europe. With so many different countries and destinations in the Med each cruise is a different experience.

One of the most popular Mediterranean cruises is one that takes in Venice and the Aegean Sea. Venice is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world thanks to its unique canals and stunning architecture. Visit the iconic locations of the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Square and Basilica, The Bridge of Sighs and Santa Maria della Salute and fall in love with this magical city.

Once your stay in Venice is complete, you head across the Adriatic Sea to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Known as ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’ Dubrovnik is a very special city just waiting to be explored. From atop the cities mighty ramparts you can view Dubrovnik marble streets, gothic palaces, flowing fountains and glorious views of the Adriatic Sea.

Next it is on down the coast to Greece and the Aegean Sea. Here you can spend the day in the ancient Greek capital Athens that is full of historical wonders that stretch back thousands of years to the time of Zeus and the Greek gods. A highlight of this fascinating city is the Acropolis with its iconic Parthenon that towers above the modern and cosmopolitan city that surrounds it.

After the ancient capital it is time to head to Turkey and Izmir. Turkey’s third largest city is impressively located around a large bay and is backed by mountains. The modern city has plenty to delight visitors if they look hard enough. The Kordon is a great place to relax while the many restaurants, bars and cafes are great places to eat, drink and while away a few hours on a sunny afternoon.

After Turkey its time to return to Greece with a visit to Nafplion. This seaside town is home to historic sites, tempting taverns and plenty of charming shops. The highlights of the town are the Venetian fortress that towers above the town and the Syntagma Square with its beautifully preserved Venetian buildings.

It is then time to return to Venice and end your Mediterranean cruise holiday where you’ll be desperate to return again and explore more of the Meds delights.

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