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Hartland Point is renowned for many things but its lighthouse is by far its main attraction. The Trinity Lighthouse was built in 1874 by Mr Yerward of Wales under the keen eye of Sir James Douglass. The lighthouse is 59 feet high and its lamp is situated 37 feet above sea level. Hartland’s lighthouse lamp can be seen from over 25 miles away. The lighthouse’s glow has been a nightly sight through the windows of Bude Cottages to the coastline towns of the welsh coast.

The lighthouse was built on a very large rock at the tip of the point and such was the constant battering of the sea that stone had to be broken from the cliff head behind the lighthouse and used as a natural barrier. This procedure was carried out frequently and as a way to try to remedy the problem a 30 metre long and 6 metre high seawall was built in 1925 to try to protect the buildings from erosion.

The Trinity lighthouse for many years hosted lighthouse keepers and their families but in 1984 it was decided to fully automate the site. The lighthouse was attached to a large accommodation wing with enough room to host up to 4 keepers and their families. The living quarters were demolished after automation had taken place and a helipad built in its place. The Lighthouse is currently monitored from the Trinity House operations centre in Essex.

The lighthouse is currently not open to the public as its access road is liable to rock falls and land slides.

A review this year has put doubt on the Trinity lighthouse’s future. Trinity House, the lighthouse authority for England and Wales are looking into replacing the 136 year old lighthouse and use technologies such as satellite navigation as a means to protect users of the sea.

As such, the organisation is conducting a review of the lighthouse and hopes to work together with current users of the Bristol Channel to ensure that the best and most efficient mode of safety operation is chosen. Hartland lighthouse is one of six Lighthouses that are facing significant changes due to its authority’s evaluations this year.

With times being so unpredictable for Hartland’s Lighthouse its supporters recommend to visit sooner rather then later and with so many places to stay locally like Luxury Bude Cottages now has never been a better time.


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