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Dartmoor stretches across almost one thousand miles square kilometres of Devon. This wonderful area of moorland is protected by national park status and is a resourceful habitat for wildlife in Devon.

The moor is a top tourist attraction and has been listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the south west of England. Those looking for a relaxing and traditional break away can stay in one of the many Holiday Cottages in Devon and sampling their scenic views over the Moors and surrounding areas.

Amongst the scenic Devon Cottages and wonderful landscapes you will undoubtedly see plenty of rock formations and in particular Granite formations. Dartmoor contains the largest amount of Granite in the country but most is buried underneath the ground and not visible. The moor has become renowned for its sheer amount of Tors, these large hills consisting of granite are located across Dartmoor and over 160 of them are even named.  An annual event is held each year called  ‘The Ten Tors’, the event in which thousands of people aged between 14-19 take part  hiking between set areas  on Dartmoor.

Dartmoor contains the highest amount of Bronze Age remains in the United Kingdom. The majority of the remains date back to the early Bronze Age when settlers adopted the moorland as their homes for farming and cattle rearing. Even to this day bronze age  fields can be seen on the  lower moors split up by ancient Reaves and covering over 39 square miles.

There are plenty of myths and legends regarding Dartmoor, in lore it is said to be the haunt of many mythical creatures such as pixies, headless horsemen and packs of spectral dogs.  One Dartmoor village was said to have been visited by the devil himself during one of the first recorded incidents of ball lightening. The residents of Widecombe-in-the-Moor were attending a church service during a thunderstorm when several people were killed and several injured. It was said that it resulted from the Devil collecting the soul of a card player in the chapel.

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