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If you are planning a trip to a beach then you will have some idea of how it will go before you even set off. You will drive for a while from the cottages in Cornwall you are staying at until you reach the car park for the beach. You will spend ages finding a space as the whole place is packed and then you walk down the steps or ramp to the beach and discover that the beach is even more densely populated than the car park. The only spaces available are right at the edge of the retreating water, so anything you put on the sand will instantly get soaked.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. As long as you’re willing to walk a little while and carry whatever you want to take there are plenty of beaches which will give you the experience you really want: large expanses of sand which aren’t packed with people and water you can paddle in that doesn’t leave you feeling like a sardine stuck in a tin.

One example is Boobys Bay which is worth checking out on your next family holiday Cornwall. You can park in one of the large nearby car parks and then approach the beach by walking along, and then deviating from the coast path. During high tide the only way to get to the beach is by clambering across the rocks that separate the beach from the path, and then you find yourself on a lovely, isolated bay. The rough terrain serves to discourage most would-be visitors and just as they do gain access (the beach can be walked to from nearby beaches at low tide) you are free to leave via the easier route.

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