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If you have ever wanted to visit America but not wanted to take such a long stuffy flight then why not take a transatlantic cruise. These cruises are designed with as much emphasis on luxury and enjoyment as possible in mind and with so many Cheap Cruise Deals there is no better time! . Some transatlantic cruise packages include spending time visiting different parts of Europe, America and the Caribbean which give you a great chance to explore and visit some of the greatest and most famous destinations in the world.

Most Transatlantic cruises have a minimum amount of stops and spend most of their time at sea. It certainly is a chance to relax and enjoy the fresh air without the hustle and bustle of island life.

There are plenty of things to do onboard transatlantic cruise ships; these majestic ships are built with every comfort in mind included,

What you decide to do on your transatlantic cruise is up to you entirely, Cruise companies will have an itinerary and events plan available for viewing in which you can choose to participate in or just simply relax by the pool!

Included here are some of the most popular location stops on transatlantic cruises:


Many Transatlantic cruises often stop off at the wonderful port of Lisbon. As the capital of Portugal you can imagine how wonderful and culturally rich the city is and delight thousands of visitors per year.


A Transatlantic Cruise can never be complete without a stop at the most romantic city in the world. Take a stroll through Paris with its bustling streets, exotic shops and friendly locals and experience the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment.

With some World Cruise Deals you can expect stops in the Caribbean or Mediterranean giving cruise goers an all round trip with some of the most amazing sites and destinations included in one great package.

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