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Argyll is a region in the south of Scotland and stretches from the Mull of Kintyre to Cape Wrath. It is a very popular tourist location and boasts some of the most fantastic Holiday Cottages In Scotland.

Argyll has plenty of attractions and sites to keep all of the family entertained and amused all year round.  In this article we will show some of the top Argyll tourist sites and what they can offer visitors to this gorgeous part of Scotland.

The Cowal way

This wonderful walk covers over 47 miles from the Ardgarten in the North East to Portavadie in the south west.  A very popular walk, the Cowal way is used by young and old ramblers of all levels. The Cowal way can be split down into 6 segments that all differ in length and terrain style. Along the route you can expect to see wonderful scenery, Argyll Cottages and wildlife in this beautiful part of the country.

Kilmory Woodland Park

Located in the ground of Kilmory Castle this woodland park has been delighting tourists for many years with its exotic range of plants and shrubberies.  The park was thought to have been designed and created by William J Hooker in 1830, Hooker who was a college professor later went on to become the director of Kew Gardens. With a network of woodland walks, loch side picnic areas and archaeological sites Kilmory is a great attraction for its many visitors every year.

Kilmartin Glen

Kilmartin Glen is a wonderful area located not far from Kintyre and is famous for having the most heavily concentrated amount of Bronze Age and Neolithic remains in Scotland. Containing over 350 monuments within six miles of Kilmartin Village the area has become a great location for historians and archaeologists to explore.  Visitors to the area can see a ruined Scottish fort to the south of the glen and can visit the local museum in the village that specialises in the Kilmartin Glens history.

Mull of Kintyre

Many people will have heard the song written by Paul McCartney called ‘Mull of Kintyre’, most people will not know that this is about a wonderful landmark in the Argyll region of Scotland.  The Mull of Kintyre is what the most southerly section of the Kintyre peninsula is called. To reach this wonderful feature of the coast you will have to travel eight miles from the closest and most southern village on a single track lane.  With its astonishing views on a clear day of Ireland and the surrounding coast the mull of Kintyre is a very unique landmark that thousands of tourists visit each year.

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