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If you haven’t been on a cruise ship before then it can be quite daunting to imagine exactly what it is like to live aboard a ship whilst holidaying on a cruise. Many people still envision cruise ships to be mainly populated by elderly passengers playing shuffleboard for entertainment on their decks. With so many Cheap Cruise Deals available now there really is no reason to not try this wonderful method of travel.

These days cruise ships have an amazing and vast amount of activities for passengers to enjoy. With everything from dancing lessons to fashion shows passengers can expect to be as entertained onboard as much as off! One of the first things you will need to learn to make your cruise go much more smoothly is  the terms ‘port’ and ‘starboard’, many passengers on their first cruise end up getting very lost trying to follow instructions using the terms.

Even the most luxurious ships have many features in common with other types of sea faring vessels for practical and safety reasons. Features such as weighted chairs and loud pressurised toilets and higher then normal doorway ledges are notably very common and are an obvious comment from shipboard comedians.

Accommodation of all sizes is available for each cruise and sizing slightly depends on the Cruise Company and boat. One thing to remember is that if you are going to be on anything upwards of a two week cruise it is wise to invest in a larger room for more creature comforts.

Nightly entertainment is a big factor for most people when choosing a cruise package, some cruise companies have theme cruises to really give passengers the best entertainment possible. The entertainment is very much what you would expect from a top Hotel. Acts could include anything from magicians to classical recitals, in recent years many companies such as Disney have been offering Discount Cruise Holidays around the world with world class musicals and entertainment available every night for all of the family.


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