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Many of us have had the boring and tiresome job of clearing out our attics at some point. The constant stream of boxes of hidden treasures slowly brought down to our sitting rooms to be sorted out, well when we say hidden treasures we don’t quite mean antique chandeliers or gold dinner sets!

That may not quite be the case for the owners of a House in Derbyshire, but then nothing is going to be quite normal when you are the twelfth duke of Devonshire and your house is a glorious stately home called Chatsworth House set in the land renowned for its scenery and wonderful Peak District Cottages.

The auction of the cleared out attics and other storage spaces took place over three days and has raised over £2.5 Million pounds. The auction drew people from across the whole world and featured items removed from Chatsworth House, Devonshire House (that was demolished in the 1920’s) and Bolton Abbey. Auctioneers entered 20,000 items into just over 1,000 lots with prices ranging from twenty pounds to two hundred thousand pounds.

With so many different and unusual lots the day was a great success and exceeded many of the auctioneer’s expectations and valuations. Items such as an antique pinball machine that was valued at just £400 finally sold for a staggering £1,875 and a ruby brooch with the words “L’amour en fait le lien” (love binds together) emblazoned on it fetched over 100 times the estimated price at £8,500.

The potential bidders were also fortunate enough to be able to visit an exhibition within the stately home celebrating the 90th birthday of the Duchess of Devonshire. Covering nine very eventful decades of history the exhibition was bound to be very insightful and interesting with items such as her Paris dress collection and favourite works of art on show.

The funds raised are reported to be going into a number of projects involving Chatsworth House and some of its many other connected estates, such as improved visitor facilities and green initiatives. Set amongst charming Cottages in the Peak District this stately home has ensured its cultural place for many years to come.

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