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Is it that time already? Christmas decorations are appearing in shops. Christmas adverts are just about starting to creep onto the television. You’re starting to think about saving some money so you can buy presents, even if you’re not actually thinking about specific gifts yet. If you’re really unlucky you might have even heard somebody whistling a Christmas song.

So, that probably means it’s time to think about booking your cottage holidays before they’re all snatched up and you’re left celebrating Christmas in a wooden hovel on the side of a motorway. Cornwall is a great destination for a Christmas holiday, known as it is for its reindeer and sleigh rides.

Ok, so it’s not known for either of those things, but you might be able to get a mince pasty at least. Besides, if you stay in Mousehole holiday cottages you’ll get to see the incredible display of harbour lights switching on each night to celebrate the coming festivities. You’ll also find that plenty of local pubs are full of people in good spirit, and finding a warming glass of mulled wine shouldn’t be hard either.

Staying by the sea in winter also lets you watch the winter waves crashing against the shore. You can get some massive ones when the wind picks up, and your children will love walking along the harbour wall and having the sea spray rain down over them, just be sure to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t get washed away, as that would ruin your Christmas.

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