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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for people of every age and each year many people celebrate this special time in a different setting to enhance the season’s magic.

Many people head to Scotland to take advantage of its natural beauty and unique charm, with so many scenic locations to choose from it can be very hard to find your special Christmas place. You can choose anything from quaint Argyll Cottages to busy city centre breaks or anything in-between on a Self Catering Scotland Christmas Holiday.

Christmas has only been celebrated in Scotland again since the 1940’s; the festival was banned for over 400 years and was not classed as a public holiday. Scottish people have always made their main celebration of the Year ‘Hogmanay’, this festival is celebrated on the last day of the year and normally lasts several days, this is one of the reasons that Scotland has a  public holiday on the 2nd of January.

In keeping with Scotland’s rich heritage it is a custom to sing the song ‘Auld Lang Syne’ during the Hogmanay celebrations in particularly as the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve. The poem which was reinterpreted by the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns is often sang by people with their arms linked and has become very popular around the world as a way of welcoming in the new year.

Christmas is one of the greatest times for experiencing wonderful food and in Scotland there are plenty of traditional treats for all ages. Bannock cakes are very popular at Christmas and are made from oatmeal and are just some of the wonderful food available from this magical country.

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