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There are few counties in England that are as beautiful and picturesque as Sussex. It has a lot going for it. In the south you have the South Downs and the beautiful white cliffs that run along the southern coast, and as you move inland you have a variety of rivers, many of which are great waterways to explore. Then there are the rolling hills, the farmland and scattered villages and the forests that stretch for miles.

Of course, there’s no reason to visit a place like this if there isn’t some way that you can escape from your Rye accommodation and actually get out to truly experience the area. Luckily, Sussex provides.

Footpaths and bridleways are all over the county, and they can lead you wherever you want to go. Breaking out any Ordinance Survey, something which most hotels in Sussex should be able to provide you with, will reveal to you miles and miles of country paths and secluded bridleways that you can wander down in any manner you choose. Asking the staff of your hotel for advice on how long each route will take as well as any difficulties that might be encountered along it is also a good idea; it lets you know how long you’ll need to give yourself and whether you can do a round trip or catch a bus back once you’re done.

One of the best things about these routes is that you can enjoy the serene beauty without the roar of nearby traffic. It truly is the best way to explore this beautiful county.


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