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The Coliseum

The Eternal city of Rome has enticed and delighted visitors for centuries since the days when it was the centre of the world. From the city Roman culture spread across Europe, Asia and Africa and its legacy can still be seen and felt today. With a city of such historical importance it’s hardly surprising that Rome is awash with landmark after landmark, many of which are famed and loved across the world.  Each year many passengers taking a Mediterranean Cruises stop to visit Rome and with so many Cheap Cruises to Mediterranean there’s simply no reason not to!

The Coliseum is one of the most popular landmarks and attraction in the whole of Rome, commissioned in 72AD by Emperor Vespasian the amphitheatre featured many games and events for well over one hundred years. Some of the many events held in the coliseum including deadly gladiator fights, chariot races and wild animal fights.  In its prime up to 50,000 visitors could enjoy the entertainment and it only ceased to exist as a theatre in the medieval times. Due to many earthquakes and aging the coliseum now stands in ruins and is illuminated at night. Once a scene of murder and grizzly fights the amphitheatre is now a site of peaceful demonstration regarding punishment around the world.

The Pantheon was commissioned as a temple to the gods of Ancient Rome the pantheon is one of the most preserved monuments with the city of Rome. Visitors are enthralled when they visit the Pantheon and marvel at its architecture.

There are so many locations of historic importance around the city that it really does take some time to visit even the most popular and famous sights.

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