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When planning a holiday, Travel Insurance is often the last thing people organise; they often don’t put much thought into it and end up rushing their decision. They’ll do a small amount of research and tend to find who looks like the cheapest, sometimes even taking out the insurance offered by the travel agent or tour operator which can be very expensive. People who rush choosing Travel Insurance will often overlook the benefits of Multi Trip and Annual Travel Insurance too. In this article, we will look at the top 5 reasons why you should choose Annual Travel Insurance.

1. Less Hassle

People often buy separate policies for each holiday or trip they make throughout the year but purchasing an Annual Travel Insurance policy can save both time and hassle. There is no need to keep completing forms online or spend time giving your details over the phone. One application and you will be covered for all your travel for a year.

2. Flexibility

As you will be covered throughout the year you have the flexibility to travel whenever you want without the need to organise a policy. This is especially useful if you are the type of person who likes to get some great last minute bargain holidays, where time is of the essence.

2. Cost

Annual Travel Insurance won’t be cost effective for everyone, but the general rule is that if you travel abroad at least twice a year, then an annual policy will work out cheaper than two single policies. With Annual Travel Insurance Policies costing as little as £17.95 for the year, they really are a great way to make sure you are covered all year long.

3. Travelling to the US

For people who like to travel to the US, annual travel insurance policies can often work out cheaper than single trip policies to the US. Medical cover is expensive in the US so single trip policies specifically for the US will often have a higher premium making an Annual policy much better value.

5. Peace of Mind

If you travel a lot throughout the year, the peace of mind knowing you are covered no matter where you are is priceless. Some policies will also cover a range of sports and activities under the hazardous activities section, so you know that whatever crops up on your travels you should be covered. Please check which activities are covered as some of the more adventurous may require an added premium.

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