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People love visiting gorgeous areas, but most of the time when people talk about going to an area to take in its beauty they’re talking about a natural sight, such as a mountain range, tropical jungle or sprawling ocean. Rarely do they mean somewhere man-made, but that is exactly what the small village of Winchelsea, easily accessible from East Sussex hotels, offers.

The village is built on the site of a medieval town, so many characteristics are shared with the nearby Rye. Indeed, if you want to make a mediaeval weekend out of your trip then staying in a Rye hotel and visiting both locations would be an excellent way to do it.

The town that was originally there was lost to the sea due to changes in the landscape and ocean levels surrounding it. However, rather than being abandoned a new town was planned at the same position, as it provided an excellent place for a harbour, something recognised by the repeated attacks on it by French and Spanish raiders.

There are still plenty of old buildings to be seen in Winchelsea, including three town gates and the parish church. These offer an excellent look back to what towns and villages from that period would have been like, as well as being delightful buildings to look around. Some remnants of the fortifications also survive.

The entire location is typical of that of a medieval town as well, located on a hill and surrounded by rougher terrain of the gorgeous Sussex countryside.


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