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christmas by the sea

If you have decided that this year you want to do something a little different for Christmas then who could blame you? Many people often find the idea of Christmas at home more stress than it should be and can quite easily suffer cabin fever a few days into the festive break. With relatives popping over and a constant stream of other guests that you are catering for it’s no wonder more and more people think that getting away this Christmas could be just the answer.

What could be better than looking at Cornwall Holiday Cottages to stay in where this Christmas you and your family could blow the cobwebs away with strolls along the beach, warm your cockles by an open fire and play traditional Christmas games that hark back to the good old days?

Of course it’s not just Cornwall that can offer these treats; there are plenty of fantastic holiday cottages in Devon to choose from and if you are travelling from London or the midlands, Devon offers somewhere a bit closer for all the family.

Rugged coastlines, quaint little villages and character cottages could be just want you need this Christmas and if there is a sprinkling of snow then you could find you and your family in a magical winter wonderland. Leave your relatives to their own devices and catch up with them when you are back. You could even consider booking your family into one of the many fabulous pubs in Cornwall or Devon for Christmas lunch so all that is on your agenda is present opening, eating and relaxing.

Sounds like the perfect Christmas if you ask me.

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