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If you look across the posts of this blog, ranging from the very oldest to the very newest, you will find plenty of information about Cornwall and the cottages in Cornwall that people stay at. You will also be treated to a whole plethora of blog posts about places to visit in Cornwall, including the attractions and villages that prove popular year on year with holiday makers.

It’s quite likely that you’ll also find one or two posts about the history of the county, or some interesting or odd food that is popular there. You could even find articles related to the festivals or celebrations that occur in this beautiful part of the world year after year, which has reminded me that you’ll also find plenty of posts regarding just how beautiful it is.

Ideas for holidays will also be there in number, whether it’s cycling along the coast, camping out in specific locations, spending your time entirely by beaches or moors or wandering up and down the whole county. You could even find reviews of some of the best beaches, as well as some of the recommended activities to do at those beaches (depending on if they’re rocky, sandy, pebbley and so on).

It’s possible that you’ll even find articles comparing Devon to Cornwall across a variety of factors, although there’s more than a fair chance that you’ll find they draw no real conclusion about either destination.

And so, what is there to say about Cornwall or the Self Catering Holiday Cornwall that you might be inclined to take? If we haven’t convinced you already I’m not sure what else we can do. Perhaps it will be time to stop writing about Cornwall soon? Maybe next week. Or the week after that.

Or the week after that…

Or the week after that…


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