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Unless, of course, you were there. But if you did attend the Lewes Bonfire there’s little point in you reading this blog post because you’ll already know what you weren’t missing.

Every year on November 5th, millions of people around the UK celebrate Guy Fawkes night, a festival that remembers how a group of Catholics were foiled in their attempt to blow up the King and the House of Lords. For a while it was even a public holiday, but that was ended after discrimination against Catholics became a bit less fashionable and celebrating the torture of eight Catholics didn’t seem like such a good idea.

However, even though the government removed it as a public holiday, that didn’t stop the people of England from burning effigies of the most famous conspirator, Guy Fawkes, year after year after year.

The largest celebration is held in Lewes, where anybody staying at an East Sussex Hotel should try and work their way there if their visit includes November 5th. Explosive bangers, fireworks, burning effigies, burning crosses, burning signs of barely related words, everything is about burning in Lewes that night. They even keep the anti-Catholicism theme alive to this day by chanting “Burn the pope!” as the straw men are ignited.

Of course, this is only for one night of the year, so you can’t focus your entire holiday around it. Luckily, for those staying in Rye accommodation you can easily reach Lewes and then spend the rest of your visit exploring whatever else takes your fancy in East Sussex.

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