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We have all seen ship captains in films steering ships with a big wooden steering wheel, here is an insight to exactly what a cruise ship captain does.

The Cruise ship captain is the senior officer on-board a cruise ship or mini cruise ship and is responsible for the welfare of both passengers and crew during his time onboard. The captain’s role requires a lot of work and is certainly not a job that would fit most people.

To become a cruise ship captain you will need years of experience in captaining large sea faring vessels, there are also numerous maritime examinations, certifications and licenses to take into account. Due to their managerial position they also need to have very good people skills and administrative qualities.

The task of safeguarding everyone onboard is a very daunting task, along with protecting the company’s investment in their vessel which in some cases can cost up to $750 million. One of the tasks that a captain will be given is the daily logging of events that happen aboard the vessel. Another task is the supervision of the ships navigation which must be done alongside very strict safety rules to ensure the wellbeing of everyone onboard. Alongside making sure that all departments are working together as efficiently as possible Ship captains must also socialise with passengers at dinners. Many of us have heard the stories of sitting at the captains table as being very prestigious.

The benefits are very good for this job role as to be expected, the wages are very high and luxury accommodation and full board are provided. It is very usual for cruise ship captains to work for 3-4 months and then to have up to two months off. As I’m sure you can see it’s a very demanding job, but a very rewarding one!

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