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Figures just reported have shown that the cruise ship Company MSC has had its booking sales increase by over 110% on its 2011 itineraries.

One of the major reasons thought for this huge increase is the start of sailings from the port of Southampton of the MSC Opera. The cruise operator MSC has stated that the crossing from Southampton to northern and western Europe has proven to be very successful. The port change is not the only change that has been adopted by MSC; it also now boasts even more cruise offers to other locations then before such as Spain and Belgium.

It is reported that due to the success of MSC’s bookings in the past year that it has requested an even larger capacity ship for cruises departing from the UK. Just recently MSC announced that they will be operating a cruise service departing from Abu Dhabi from October 2011.

This amount of growth within an industry has excited many and has really gone to show how MSC has adapted to changing economic climates and worked towards reaming in more business offering value for money. Some of its sales increase can be put down to its incentive ideas on offering early booking discounts and many different promotions all aimed at offering customers the best choice at the best price possible.

MSC reports that the UK is now its fastest growing market and has beaten both Germany and Italy. The MSC Cruises general manager for the UK and Ireland Giulio Libutti has spoken of the company’s goal to double the amount of passengers in 2009 by next year (2011).

The cruise company has seen continued success since it was formed in 1987 and offers a very impressive range of holiday packages including Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises.

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