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Being bored is not something that should happen during Cornwall holidays and if you do manage to become bored then you’re doing something wrong.

I’ve got a few tips to avoid boredom whilst you’re staying in Cornwall, so without further ado we’ll jump headlong into them.

The first is to get into the countryside. Find a map or look up some walking routes and footpaths online and head out. You can wander over hills, across farmland, through forests and even along the coast if you so desire. There’s plenty to see in Cornwall and you can discover a lot of it on foot. Or you could choose a route that’s suitable for cycling and hire out a bike for the day. You could even look into getting a horse and riding through the countryside, exploring it in a much more traditional way.

Of course, those interested in the coastal areas, like those staying in St Ives or Marazion cottages, will be much more interested in activities that take place on the beach. Firstly, there’s playing in the sea. Whether it’s swimming, surfing, body boarding or just paddling, you should be able to find a way to have a good time in the water. If not even that will relieve your boredom then you have the sand to play with. And don’t just think that means building sandcastles! Metal detecting is also a popular pastime and can bring families together for that sense of discovery and adventure.

If you’re still bored… I don’t know. You should have brought a book, I guess.

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