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Tate-St Ives Gallery in Cornwall, England exhibits work by modern British artists.  Part of the Tate Gallery network, it also manages another museum and sculpture garden in St Ives.  The gallery is experiencing a period of growth due to the increased number of visitors and to expand the area available for teaching art.  Tate Gallery has a 3,000 year history.  During the Victorian period social and economic developments overshadowed the artistic growth of the area.  With the arrival of the Great Western Railway in 1877 Cornwall was established as a resort area and became a working base for artist.  Aspiring  artist early in their careers benefited from schooling in Cornwall and all the natural beauty available for the subject of their artwork.  Art became very fashionable during this period and Cornwall with its remote location, natural beauty and availability of studio space and affordable tuition attracted many seeking to become artist to the area.

What Makes Tate Gallery Special?

In the 1920’s Tate Gallery and Cornwall provided a “Vision of Simplicity” an opportunity for an artist could go to renew themselves and come up with a simplistic vision and move forward with their art work slowly on a solid base.  There were in Cornwall two schools of art coexisting since the late nineteenth century, Newlyn and St Ives.  At Tate St Ives twentieth century art was presented in the context of Cornwall and is internationally known.  Cornwall’s natural beauty and romantic remoteness is captured by the artist who live and work in Cornwall.

The gallery also exhibits work form artist who live in other places and the artist in the gallery’s residency program have an opportunity to develop professionally.  The local artist often create works that reflect the town and its harbor and beach providing the visitor to the gallery a chance to see a work which was created in its surroundings.  Tate gallery is public gallery dedicated to the modern art which is distinctively St Ives.  Contemporary artist also display at Tate and their work reflects the Cornish influences in life in Cornwall.

An extension of the Tate Gallery is The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden which opened in 1976 and is a part of Tate St Ives but located at a different site in Cornwall.  When you plan your Cornwall Holiday or reserve a Cornwall Holiday Cottage be sure to include a trip to the world renown Tate Gallery.  The gallery changes its displays regularly and with such an extensive collection different selections are available for viewing.  Temporary exhibits with focus on certain artist or a particular theme are part of the rotation on exhibits.  In addition, the relationship between Tate Gallery and other Tate centers allow for the exhibition of non-Cornish works.  Most visitors to the gallery appreciate the pure and realistic quality of the marine life and landscape of the area in paintings displayed at Tate Gallery.

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