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Busy AirportEaster holiday makers may want to double check that their annual travel insurance covers flight cancellations as news emerges that more strikes could take part at airports over the Easter holiday period. Once again it looks like the public may play the part of pawns as unions battle British airways again. There has been no official dates released yet but even the mere worry of strike may put many people off of travelling as memories of sleeping in airports and cancelled flights are still fresh.

Last year 22 days were lost due to industrial action. This had a huge impact on holiday travellers in the country, but also cost British airways in the region of £150 million. There is at least 1 day of strike expected as the union “Unite” will want to keep the ongoing dispute live. This would give their members legal indemnity and keep them from being dismissed for the next 12 weeks.

As the airway and its staff union have their ongoing battle it is the traveller suffering the worst. Many people have needed to claim on their holiday insurance policies because they just haven’t been able to get to their pre booked holiday destinations. In the long term this could greatly affect the premiums people pay for short term or annual holiday insurance as the companies look to recoup what must be a huge peak in claims due to travel disruption. Between volcanoes and industrial action the UK tourism trade has taken a beating. Not just for tourists travelling out but also tourists unable to visit the UK. As a country the Optimist might say that the lack of international travel might help benefit the UK by increasing UK tourism but our railway networks and fuel costs for road travel are fast becoming a luxury many can not afford.

Agreement between British airways and the union was nearly finalised in October 2010, but a fall out over fine print saw a failure to end the long running dispute. A British airways spokesman has said “We urge Unite to return to the deal we negotiated, which guarantees pay rises for the next two years and secures terms and conditions for our existing crew that are the best in the UK industry.”


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