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Port Issac

The Pretty Cornish fishing village of Port Isaac is probably one of the most well known villages in the whole of the UK, yet many may have never heard of it. The reason Port Isaac is so well known is because it has been the back drop to film and TV shows for many years.

The village first came to prominence in 1975 with the popular BBC series Poldark. The series proved to be one of the most popular costume dramas ever and was a world wide hit with the Port Isaac back drop being seen in 40 countries. In the 80’s another BBC drama was filmed here, this time it was the horror thriller The Nightmare Man which used the Cornish village despite the story being set in Scotland. In 2000 the award winning British film Saving Grace used Port Isaac as the location for the film, the popular movie, which won awards at the Sundance Film Festival, would then lead on to perhaps the villages most famous resident, Doc Martin.

The Martin Clunes character Doc Martin had first appeared in Saving Grace. The character then got two prequel spin off films for Sky which told the story of how the London doctor ended up in a tiny Cornish fishing village. After the two prequels ITV acquired the rights and turned it into one it’s most popular programs. The drama has since been shown around the globe with a world wide audience of millions watching the beautiful Cornish locations each week.

For any Doc Martin fans, or merely those who love Cornwall, a holiday to Port Isaac is a must. The area has plenty of Cornwall holiday cottages to provide an ideal base to explore the village and surrounding locations and who knows you may even bump into the good doctor yourself.


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