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The cruise line company Royal Caribbean has just announced that it will be finally be catering for solo travellers that want to experience a cruise holiday. The company is almost about to overhaul one of its 22 ships and start work on implementing single occupancy cabins.

There is speculation that the ship that will be refitted will be the Radiance of the Stars, the ship which currently holds up to 2112 passengers is expected to be moved to dry dock ready for its adaption in late may of this year. Solo cruisers sadly will not be able see the sea from their cabins as they will be situated inside the ship.

The first chance for people to experience the new cabins and travelling experience will be in the following months of the refit when the ship will be cruising though Alaska giving solo travellers the chance to take a Cheap Alaska Cruise in solo style.

Some cruise companies already offer single occupancy cabins aboard their liners but as Royal Caribbean is one of the world’s largest and established cruise companies this is thought to be a large step in a new direction for cruising. It is thought that many other companies will now follow suit and give solo travellers a much more varied and specialist choice of holidays throughout the year.

One company that has shown a big interest in catering for solo travellers is the Norwegian cruise line which has adapted its ‘Norwegian Epic’ cruise ship to contain 100 single occupancy cabins. The company has been reported as saying that interest in its cruise offers regarding its solo cabins has been very strong. This could certainly be the start of a new era for the cruise industry.

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