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History has Bude as being a “harbour of the holy men” a landing place for Christians in North Cornwall.  Bude is a resort seaside town, small in size but packed with affordable often referred to as cheap family holiday accommodations.  Families planning a Cornish holiday will find Bude to offer many options for reasonable places to stay.  Set in a stunning countryside with beautiful beaches the local hotels, bed and breakfasts (B&B’s) in Bude offer many discounted rates.  Family room accommodations and last minute and late room availability plus self catering accommodations are all available at discounted rates.  A Bude weekend getaway will be both enjoyable and affordable for the family budget and afford a cheap family holiday for your Cornish holiday.

Carboniferous sandstone cliffs surround this little seaside resort town.  A orogenic episodes, the Variscan Orogeny, or mountain building event is responsible for the evolution of Cornwall.  The sand cliffs contain calcium carbonate a natural fertilizer and farmers were said to use the sand from the beach to fertilize their fields.  The sequence of stratified cliffs surrounding this seaside are known as the Bude Formation.  In the 18th century the Bude Canal Company built a canal to improve the harbor which was small and unprotected from tidal waves.  The tidal moorings for the original harbor are still used today by sport fishermen and some small-scale, semi-commercial fisherman for crab and lobster fishing.  The mineral-rich sands of the beaches of Bude were transported via the canal for use in the argricultural fields.  The commercial use of the canal was extinguished with the arrival of the railway but the wharf area and harbor still maintained its usefulness by providing a means of transporting grain from Wales to Cornwall and coal back to Cornwall.  Many ships have fallen victim to the jagged reefs at the base of this coastal expanse, one church still displays the figurehead of one such ship in its churchyard lawn.

Summerleaze and Brooklets are beaches within the town of Bede and a few miles south Widemouth and Sandymouth Beach offer long, wide and sandy beaches.  Sandymouth Beach is noted for its cliffs ad rock formations with shingle below the cliffs and large expanses of sand at low tide.  This very impressive coastal scenery makes this a good destination for cheap family holidays for your Cornwall holiday.  Tourism is the main industry of Bude and the hotels, restaurants and other vendors offer many discounted prices to make this affordable for a family holiday that’s cost effective.  The surfing is good, there is some fishing and the watersport opportunities in Bude are plentiful.  In addition you might want to do a walking tour, or cycle, horseback ride or rock climb, there is also tennis, field archery, paintball and much more to do, so explore this seaside resort and find fun at affordable prices for your family holiday.

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