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Are you looking for miles of glorious sand washed beach near the ocean, then Perranporth should be on your list of destinations for Cornwall holidays.  Perranporth is  popular seaside village with sandy, soft beaches on the north coast of Cornwall.  If you like to snorkel, surg and sail or maybe just splash around in the water your holiday to Perranporth will fulfill all your wishes.  Rockpools abound where searching for creatures brought in by the tide will only be abandoned by exploring nearby caves said to be haunted by smugglers and miners.  There is a tidal pool at Chapel Rock which is patrolled by lifeguards during the summer to insure your safety.

Just a Little History

The patron saint of Cornwall St Piran landed on the shores of Cornwall at Perranporth.  Piran was said to possess miraculous powers and the order of the Irish King was suspicious Piran’s powers.  Legend has it that the king had Piran cast to the sea tied to a millstone.  Piran survived his treacherous journey on the stormy sea and upon arrival at Perranporth built an oratory to promote Christianity.  This oratory of long ago is now preserved in the sand dunes at Perran Sands.  The tin mining which became the backbone of Cornish industry was discovered by Piran accidentally.  Tin smelting resulted from a white liquid that was very hot leaking from black stone in Piran’s fireplace.  The Cornish flag reflects the importance of tin and the country devotion of Piran, the “Patron Saint of Tinners’.  It is believed that St Piran lived to be 206 years old despite his fondness for indulging in small shots of intoxicating liquor, a tipple, on a regular basis.  There is an annual St Piran Play that is growing more popular and the hundreds of people attending make a pilgrimage to St Piran small chapel, oratory, and other landmarks.

Cornwall Holiday-Perranporth

You may be looking for serene, tranquil place to spend your family holiday or maybe a lively more spirited environment is your choice the holiday parks at Perranporth will be able to fulfill your requirements.  Chalets or bungalows offer peaceful moments, in contrast the camping and touring parks are available for more lively family fun.  Some of the local things to do include:

  • Golf clubs
  • Kite School and Bike Trails
  • Flying Lessons over the Cornish Coast
  • Bowling
  • Surfing and Surf Schools
  • Riding stables featuring beach rides
  • Museum with displays about mining, fishing, farming and local costumes
  • Holistic healing – Rieki

In addition there are beautifully arched beach cliffs with tin-mining entries; above the cliffs there is a youth hostel at Droskyn Point, where many young people stay to enjoy the surfing.  Annually Perranporth plays hosts to an inter-Celtic festival, usually held in October and many people from the six Celtic nations are drawn to this festival.  Once buried under sand, Perranporth maintains its status as a popular family destination and your Cornwall holiday and trip to Perranporth Holiday Park or other lodging will inspire you to return to this special place.

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