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Cornwall may be best known as a great place to take a holiday, but there are plenty of other reasons people flock to the area year after year, other than simply wanting to stay in Marazion cottages. An excellent example, especially with spring only a few months away, is the popularity of weddings in this beautiful county.

With a wonderful coastline, venues that offer a view of the sea are obviously popular, but further inland Cornwall offers areas that are perfect for the big day as well. Lush, green grass, blooming flowers and budding trees make for the perfect back drop for a wedding. Combine that with the warm spring and summer sun that Cornwall receives and you have what should be a wonderful wedding day. The wealth of accommodation available means your guests won’t have to travel far either, and you can be sure that they’ll find things to do to occupy themselves if they arrive early or stay late.

Of course, after the wedding comes the honeymoon, and Cornwall won’t disappoint for this either. The county’s beauty makes it the perfect romantic getaway, and a couple can become totally isolated from the horde of family members and friends that want to wish them well. They’re free to relax in each others company.

Hundreds of Cottages in Cornwall are available for the just married to stay in, enjoying beach walks, charming restaurants and, of course, days spent in bed.

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