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brixham pirate festival

Ahoy there me hearties! Be you landlubbers looking to become a buccaneer? Well then you need look no further than the Brixham Pirate Festival. This year’s festival is set to take place from Saturday 30th April until Monday 2nd May.

This years Pirate Festival is set to feature a wide range of pirating fun for the whole family to enjoy. One event at the festival is looking to go down in the history books. The Pirate Festival is hoping to create the longest line of pirates ever in the Mile ‘O’ Pirates challenge, so for all you budding captain Jacks and Long John Silvers out there make sure you come along to join your shipmates in the record books.

Well shiver me timbers, not only can you take part in record breaking events you can also watch amazing sword fighting, puppets, watch a ships doctor at work (if your stomach is strong enough) and even see pirate re-enactments including a daring pirate attack on the Golden Hind in Brixham harbour.

For those with some dulcet tones you must stop by at the best talent show this year, no not the X Factor but the Arr Factor. This years Arr Factor pirates are on the look out for the best singers and musicians with the winner walking away with a pirates booty of £1,000.

So for something a little different during your next South Devon Breaks visit the Brixham Pirate Festival.

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