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One of the most frequent pastimes that people engage in during a stay in East Sussex hotels is to venture out and explore the beautiful county on foot. There are plenty of footpaths in the area that let you explore any landscape you could want to. Wander through forests for hours, hike up to the top of a hill and enjoy the view, trek along the white cliffs of the South Downs or explore pretty little villages that have existed for hundreds, even thousands of years.

To give you some inspiration for routes to take when staying in Rye hotels there are plenty of resources online describing some of the best footpaths in East Sussex for you to venture down. Here are a couple of our favourites.

First up is the 1066 Country Walk. Weighing in at 31 miles it’s not something that you should undertake without a bit of thought and preparation, but it’s worth it for not only the walk itself but the history. You’ll want to do a bit of research before hand to fully appreciate the areas you’re being taken to, but this walk will lead you from Rye to Pevensey through areas that were important during the Battle of Hastings. If revisiting the country’s history and imagining it for yourself appeals to you then this is a great choice.

The Royal Military Canal Path is another favourite. It’s a 28 mile walk that runs from Hythe in Kent into Rye and is historically important as well, providing a route for ships and troops to be quickly moved in case of an invasion from France.

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