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As I am sure you will have heard that the royal wedding is taking place this year on April the 29th. To commemorate this wonderful event many cities around the country are putting on events and celebrations. The city of Bath is putting on a huge show that will not only feature great music and live entertainment but also workshops for children and adults.

The event starts at 11am and is organised by the local council and the Bath Plus Music Consortium, visitors will be able to watch the royal wedding on huge screens within the Royal Victoria Park. Entertainment will be provided by the wonderful Bath Philharmonic orchestra who will be performing such songs as pomp and circumstance during their allotted slot. Another wonderful addition to the event that is sure to get people in the mood for celebrating and enjoying themselves is the Bootleg Beatles. The countries top Beatles tribute band will be performing their namesakes many great hits throughout their set at the park.

Other musical acts performing throughout the day will be ‘Rainey and the Dust’ and ‘Will and the People’, both acts have connections with Bath and are expected to draw large crowds even for people not interested in the royal wedding!

There is also another event being held in Bath to commemorate the Royal wedding in Henrietta Park two days later. Featuring everything from local bands to raffles and hog roasts the event is bound to be a great success. So even if the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton isn’t high on your list of things to see this year you can still be assured of not only another bank holiday but a great couple of fun days out!

Don’t worry if you don’t live in Bath or the surrounding areas you can be assured of finding some great Bath accommodation and you could even combine the royal weekend with a spa break in Bath.

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