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You may have felt that your Cornish holidays couldn’t get anymore Cornish. Well, it turns out you were wrong. Cornwall recently gained an official stamp verifying its Cornishness when it was decided that Cornish pasties were to be the latest food to receive the Protected Geographical Indication status.

What does that mean? Cornish pasties must now follow a set recipe, be of a particular shape and style and, most importantly, be made in Cornwall. You’ll now be getting official Cornish pasties during your stay in St Just cottages. Any pasties that don’t follow the guidelines or are made outside the county won’t be able to use the name “Cornish pasties” though “replica Cornish pasties” may still be acceptable.

Of course, some people aren’t happy with this. The Cornish pasty has many minor variants in its creation depending on which baker you go to, even inside the borders of Cornwall. This means that plenty of bakers are suddenly finding themselves either needing to change how they make pasties or drop the ‘Traditional Cornish’ from the beginning of their pasties’ names.

Whether this matter will be settled quickly or not is unsure. It won’t stop you getting Cornish pasties elsewhere in the UK as companies like Ginsters (who championed this regulation) have their factories based in Cornwall anyway, allowing them to ship across the entire UK after making pasties from non-Cornish ingredients and claiming them to be traditionally Cornish anyway. The people who will really be affected will be the smaller bakeries that exist throughout Cornwall, and at which people have been enjoying Cornish pasties on their holidays for years.

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