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Travel Information

When you go on holiday there is a whole list of paperwork you should take with you, but one thing that is not often mentioned is a personal information sheet. While this can seem excessive in nature it could actually save you a lot of time in the event of an emergency. If you think of it as a holiday CV, this piece of paper could help provide key information in you were in an accident for example. Some of the things that you should put on this could be:

Name & Address: This is pretty self explanatory, although it could be worth including the address of where you are staying while on holiday.

Next of Kin: This should be your usual immediate next of kin as well as a second person if your next of kin is on holiday with you. This would mean that is you were both involved in an accident someone would be still contactable back in your home country.

Insurance details: Having your insurance details to hand whether it is a one trip or annual travel insurance policy means that you can help insure they are contacted as soon as possible as lack of details could delay your treatment in some countries.

Medical conditions & Allergies: This sounds silly but if you were in an accident and unconscious this information could save your life.

These few key pieces of information are not going to replace all your other documents, but a clearly identified document could help to make any emergencies have no more impact than needed.

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