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When you are thinking about a holiday many people want to consider the important things such as the holiday destination, accommodation and the cost. Travel insurance is seen often as just one extra hassle before the holiday can be enjoyed. Finding travel insurance does not have to be a major task if you take a few steps to make sure your insurance is as cheap as possible and suitable for your needs. Here are some tips to bear in mind before your next trip.

1: Check if you already have travel insurance. It sounds silly but more and more people are taking a one company solution for health, motor and home insurance, sometimes basic travel insurance is included as a bonus for people taking more than one service, or it may be part of your credit card deal or even part of a bank account if you have a subscription based premium account. It takes a few minutes to check and could save you a fortune.

2: Be Honest.  Sometimes it can be tempting to neglect to mention small details that you fear may cause an increase in your premium such as some of the activities you may be taking part in on your holiday. This is a very risky gamble because if you were to get injured while doing one of the activities it could leave you without cover, while being stuck in a foreign hospital running up a huge medical bill.

3:  Do you travel more than once a year? If so you might save money by taking a multi trip annual travel insurance policy. This can provide cover for a large amount of travelling (individual policies may specify a maximum journey amount to do check). Annual policies can make travel insurance a pretty pain free affair as long as you ensure you have adequate cover.

4: Check for a high excess. Some insurance policies get offered at a very low rate but it is only once you look at the small print that it becomes clear that if you make a claim you will be liable to pay a large excess charge. This can end up being a false saving if you need to make a claim. Saving a few pounds before going could cost you hundreds when claiming.

5: Cheapest is not always best. Neither is the dearest. Make sure that whatever package you decide to purchase covers you for all of your holiday activities. Check for hidden costs such as surcharges or high interest if it is an annual policy paid monthly.

6: Check all of your family is covered. If you are travelling with your family make sure that everyone is covered under the policy. Do not assume anything, if it does not say specifically that your family is covered then double check before buying. Some companies may only allow for the traditional 2.4 children and charge more if you have a larger family.

Checking these few small things should go a long way to making sure your travel insurance is a stress free purchase.

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