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Beachy head in SussexWelcome to Beachy Head, the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain. At its height it towers over the English Channel at an impressive one-hundred-and-sixty-two metres.

One of the most dramatic spots in Britain, Beachy Head was formed after the last ice age when the rise in sea levels led to the formation of the English Channel, cutting Britain off from the rest of Europe. The new sea easily cut into the chalk and pushed the coast back further and further. Even today the cliffs continue to be eroded and visitors should keep an eye out for the small but frequent rock slides.

Because of how beautiful the area is it’s become a popular place for people staying in East Sussex hotels to visit. There are plenty of popular walking routes starting, ending or travelling past Beachy Head and a variety of ice cream vans which try to capitalise on this during the summer months.

As hotels in Sussex are popular with walkers due to the sheer number of routes available through beautiful areas in Sussex, Beachy Head and the rest of the South Downs are easily accessible by bus. You’ll find plenty of other like-minded people travelling to the areas too, and transport can easily be arranged from wherever your walk ends back to your accommodation if you don’t feel like doing a circular trip.

It always seems to be Dover that’s famous for its white cliffs, but Sussex easily competes, and nowadays Dover’s cliffs are so industrialised that Sussex’s come off even better, still letting visitors glimpse their raw, unaltered magnificence.


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