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Peru The Moonstone Trek

Although not as famous as the Inca Trail, the Moonstone Trek is an experience that those with an adventurous spirit would love to try. The trail starts in a quiet, rural valley just between Cuzco and the Sacred Valley and finishes in Ollantaytambo. During its course it rises to 15,000ft, passes an amazing array of archaeological sites and has some of the most breath taking views in the region.

Finnish Lapland  – Yllas

Yllas could well be Santa’s own personal ski resort, with reindeer and Christmas villages nearby. The Lapland scenery is hauntingly beautiful, from glacial lakes to hills that roll on and on, you find yourself lost in a beautiful frozen world. To cap off the experience take time one evening to gaze up at the Aurora, this celestial display is an experience to be treasured. The resorts in Yllas are low key and loaded with great runs for skiing at all levels.

Vietnam – Can Tho Floating market.

One of Can Tho’s most popular attractions is its floating markets, where vendors sell exotic fruit and vegetables from their boats. The produce is mostly wholesale, but a few sellers have retail selections. Cai Rang market is the Mekong Delta’s largest market. It’s on the Can Tho River about an hour southwest of Can Tho by boat. Business begins at dawn and trails off around 9am, so come early if you want to see the market in full swing.

South Korea – Seoul & The Demilitarized Zone

South Korea is not a particularly common holiday destination, but it is a great country to visit. If you stay in Seoul you can visit the demilitarized zone, a section of land between North and South Korea which is a no-mans land. You can visit the impressive tunnels that were built by the North Koreans in the hopes that they could be used for a sneak invasion of Korea (this happened after the Korean war incidentally), and you can use binoculars to look across the zone to see North Korean soldiers manning their side of the region, it is very eerie but an amazing experience.

Obviously these travel locations come with some risk and if you’re a dedicated traveller Annual Travel Insurance is a great way to get cover, just check with your insurance company to make sure they cover these exotic locations.

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