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The Somerset City of Bath is renowned not only in Britain but also around the world for its many self organised festivals which focus on comedy and literature right through to fashion. The city also has fabulous historical cultural connections and architecture located throughout its boundaries.

At the beginning of this month the city was visited by the culture Minister Ed Vaizey who embarked on a tour of many of the cities most famous cultural attractions such as the Roman Baths, the Museum of East Asian Art, the Bath Fashion Museum, The Egg theatre and the Holburne Museum

After his tour the Minister gave some great praise on the City of Bath by saying “Bath is a most remarkable place. As you walk around the streets, you find there is a gem on every corner.”

The Minister was particularly interested in seeing the Holburne Museum that is currently about to re-open after a £13million makeover and renovation which has helped it extend it’s reach upon sectors like education. Mr Vaizey was delighted with the museum’s progress and commented “You want to make sure that museums like this, which has resources to provide education, are integrated into the community,” he said. “The key thing is to join up the dots.”

Judging by the success of the minister’s visit the numerous organisations within Bath will continue to provide a huge effort towards providing cultural exhibitions and outstanding events for many years to come. The city has seventeen different museums all within the city centre that are all enjoyed by the many people taking a short break in Bath or Spa Breaks.

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