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You would have had to have been a Rocket man to get tickets to Elton John’s upcoming open air concert in Scarborough. Reports indicate that thousands of tickets to his gig were gone within minutes when they went on sale yesterday (Wed 6th April).

The highly anticipated gig is to be held at the £3.5 million North Bay Open air arena on the 5th of June.

So far 8000 tickets have been put on sale, which you would think would be a challenge for a 6,500 seat venue. However, organisers have come up with an ingenious way of adding extra seating: a lake at the venue will be drained and temporary decking will be added.

As usual the eBay brigade has been up to no good already putting listings for tickets on the auction site. At the time of writing 2 pairs of front row tickets are up for a ‘Buy it Now’ price of £499.99.

Tickets are technically sold out but promoters have said that those who have missed out should keep their eyes open as more tickets may be released in the upcoming months.

As the gig will be held on a Sunday, those travelling to the area for the concert are expected to stay for the weekend and provide a boom for local attractions, businesses and hotels in and around the area.

If you do have tickets and are looking for Scarborough Hotels, then there is a great range of accommodation to book from.

Elton’s show is expected to be a full band performance with a set lasting over 2 hours. To get you in the mood and remind you of what a great performer the legend is, watch this classic live clip.

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