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When it comes to popular detective fiction the main characters are often tied to a location and will forever be linked with it, such as Bergerac and his ties to Jersey and the channel Islands, Sherlock Holmes and his ties to London and in particular Baker street.

If a new initiative goes ahead then the city of Bath may will have its own resident fictional detective on the small screen or maybe even the big screen. The detective in question will be Peter Diamond who is the main character in a range of books by the British Crime writer Peter Lovesey. The author has based all of his Peter Diamond novels within the city of Bath for the past ten years and his latest novel ‘Star struck’ was based in and around the Bath Theatre Royal.

The reason why Bath and Peter Diamond could become household names is due to talks between the Bath Film Office and the author; it is thought that whilst discussion is still ongoing regarding the possibility of an adaption and television production the film office have already bought the rights.

Should this all go ahead then a television programme could be commissioned by the Film office which would give a huge boost to the cities tourism numbers. The city is already extremely popular to tourists from all around the world and this could easily be the icing on the cake for the city and all of those who rely on its tourism industry.

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