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In the old days a holiday in Britain was stereotypically portrayed as a dreary experience compared to other ‘international’ holiday destinations. An image of eating fish and chips in a rainy seaside resort plastered with bed and breakfasts was the normal perception of a holiday in the UK’s mainland.

Thankfully the UK’s tourism industry has done a great deal to improve not only the perceptions of English holidays but also the facilities the UK provides. With this in mind the government have just released information that they are launching a tourism strategy to make the number of people who regularly take their holidays in the country more in line with the amount who travel out to other destinations.

Another one of the goals of the new government initiative will be to create several new ‘Super Destinations’. When most people think about a holiday in England they would immediately think of London as the main city to take a trip to but the new plan would promote several great locations such as the Cotswolds, Peak District and the county of Cornwall and market / brand them as a new and appealing package to potential holiday makers.

The initiative is hanging on tight to the reins of the expected tourism boost of the royal wedding and the 2012 Olympic Games and the funding for the project will be the first tourism marketing project to take place since the government froze any such actions due to financial constraints.

So this year could be the ideal time to take a holiday in a Peak district cottage and discover just why a peak district holiday is one of the reasons the area has been chosen as a ‘Super Destination’.


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