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There is no denying that Sussex is a beautiful county. One of the reasons that hotels in Sussex are so successful year after year is that there are a huge amount of people who want to make use of the county’s gorgeous landscapes and walk, cycle or even ride a horse through them. For those who want a more structured walk laid out for them then there are some great forests, villages and stately homes with large estates that have well-planned footpaths or walks around them. One in particular is Wakehurst Place, which offers a walk through its woods which is made up of trees found throughout the temperate zones of the world.

Wakehurst Place has an Elizabethan country house, but the main attraction is the five hundred acre garden that surrounds the building. It is made up of a whole host of small gardens, including walled, water, woodland and wetland. The grounds are a perfect place to spend a day wandering and exploring as you’ll find plenty of little touches that make them truly excellent.

The woods are the real focus of the grounds though. They are collections of the world’s birches and beeches. The arboreal focus of Wakehurst Place led to a seed bank being set up there which aims to collect seeds from 10% of the world’s trees.

Seeing the grounds of this wonderful place and maybe even admiring the house itself is sure to make you want to book out your own stay in a country house hotel Sussex.


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