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Robin Hoods Bay At Dawn

Robin Hood’s Bay is a lovely quaint fishing village close to Whitby in North Yorkshire. As you can expect from its title, the village is named after the famous folklore hero, but the exact origins are unknown or even if he had ever visited. One story is that Robin helped defend the village from French Pirates who came to loot them.

The lower part of the village is made up of old cottages and houses that are very compact and close together. The roads and alleys that provide access are very narrow, but many locals still live in this part. The upper bay is a bit more spaced out and made up of newer buildings.

There are plenty of places to eat in the bay and establishments to suit all tastes. Have a cream tea in the Old Bakery tearooms, sit down meal at the Bramblewick Restaurant, or a good old fashioned ice cream from Beacon Farm ice cream fan at the beach.

As for shopping, the village is home to many small and beautiful shops selling a wide range of items. Visitors can buy fresh fish, local meats, freshly baked goods, antiques, local art and hand made crafts. You won’t find your typical high street stores here but that is what makes small places like this so charming.

Find out more about the local area by heading to the Robin Hood’s Bay museum or at the Old Coast guard station. You can even catch a film at the Swell Cinema where they use original 1820’s box pews to create an incredible atmosphere.

There are plenty of Robin Hoods Bay Hotels for people want to stay in the area or it is a great little village to visit for the day if you are staying further afield.

Photo provided by Flickr user smig44_uk


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