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Bath Fringe Festival

When thinking of the Spa city of Bath, we normally think of Bath for its Roman historical heritage and its Roman Baths, also its period Georgian & Regency architecture. In current times Bath is fast becoming noticed and frequented for its many festivals and fairs throughout the yearly arts calendar.

The Bath Fringe Festival in now becoming one of the pinnacles of the many artistic offerings available to visitors and local bath residents alike. The fringe festival attracts more and more spectators, audiences and visitors every year, as well as many different acts and artists from both around the and overseas, as well as the various home grown Bath talent.

This year the event is no exception there is a plethora of talent on offer, with many acts both small and large, some street artist who perform in the fresh air, others the acts are based in conventional theatre’s and smaller more intimate venues for smaller audiences. Most shows are normally free to the public or low cost, thus making the arts and performers much more accessible to the everyday person who might want to visit and experience the Bath Fringe Festival and all it has to offer.

Acts and performances you can expect to see immerse yourself in whilst visiting Bath during the fringe festival are; stand-up comedy, cabaret, street & physical theatre, folk & world music, jazz, Latin dance, various pop, rock and black music, circus arts, as well as spoken word, including poetry, plus modern digital arts and media. So the Fringe Festival during this coming month has something for everyone, make sure you book your accommodation soon, plus stay a few days to enjoy all that the city of Bath and the fringe festival has to offer.

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