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The Balearic Islands are famous for their lush beaches and fascinating towns, villages and shorelines. What many people miss out on by not venturing just that tiny bit out of the islands built up or commercial areas is its wonderful wildlife.

Mallorca for example has a wealth of wildlife throughout it, from the sea life within arms reach of its many beaches and coves to its glorious open countryside. One of the best tips is to read up on and research just what you are hopefully expecting to see, you may be pleasantly surprised by just how much of a vast collection of animals and creatures you may find.

So with no more to do, let’s take a look at some of the wildlife you may be fortunate to encounter during a stay in a Villa in Majorca.

One of the first stops for people hoping to catch a glimpse of some Majorcan wildlife should be the Parc Naturel de S’Albufeira. The park is the largest area of wetlands on the island and is home to a whole host of different varieties of wildlife including fish and birdlife. For keen birdwatchers the conserved lagoon is a haven for many resident and visiting birds. As well as the many ducks and mallards there are also several varieties of Warblers that grace the Mediterranean island’s wetlands. With some luck you may well be able to catch a glimpse of the wonderful bird of prey known as the Marsh harrier.

So as you can see Majorca has so much more to offer then just sun, sea and sand during a Villa Holiday.

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