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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is often the last thing we think about when booking our holidays, yet quite often it proves to be the most important element on a holiday, especially when things go wrong. People tend to not research their cover and then complain once they need to claim and find something isn’t satisfactory. Here are our top 5 travel insurance tips to consider before you head out on your holidays.

1. Don’t take the included cover from your travel provider. More often than not holiday companies try to get you to take travel insurance when booking your holiday as they get a cut. Usually this is quite expensive compared to what you can find yourself.

2. If you travel more than once a year, then it will be more cost effective to take an Annual Travel Insurance policy rather than multiple single trip ones. Also if you are travelling to the states, sometimes these annual policies work out cheaper than single ones.

3. If you are planning on or think there is a possibility that you might be engaging in some hazardous activities whilst abroad, then check that you have cover and what is included. Different activities are split into different bands and it is always worth checking to make sure you will be covered in case the worst does occur.

4. It kind of goes without saying these days, but you can get much better rates online when it comes to purchasing things like travel insurance. There are many specialist insurance companies who offer great deals through their websites.

5. Once you have chosen your cover and received your paperwork, make sure you keep it safe when you are abroad. It is advised that you keep copies of your paperwork back home and your originals in a safe place at all times when abroad. There is nothing worse than having an accident and not being able to find your insurance details.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you find the right insurance policy for your situation. Have a safe trip!

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