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Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

The quaint coastal town of “Rye” in East Sussex has always been a big attraction for many visitors’ and tourists, it is so desirable that even ex-Beatle Paul McCartney has a permanent holiday home and recording studio here. When you drive down the narrow unspoilt roads and lanes around Rye it is easy to see why there is such an attraction with this beautiful area of East Sussex.

The port town of Rye has been of significant importance for both military strategy and business commerce links with France. Even as far back as medieval times its location to the English Channel and close proximity to the northern French ports made it popular with many other European Traders and merchants as well as smugglers and wreckers that frequented this area. Many of the historical buildings are well preserved, like the “Ypres Tower” which is one of the oldest buildings in Rye. It dates back to 1249 and now serves as part of the towns’ museum.

If you are interested in both local and natural history, the area surrounding Rye has so many things to do and places visit, this will suit most people of all ages, both young and old. Due to Sussex’s long history and its accessible coastline from the English Channel, you will also find many castles and coastal fortifications. One that is well preserved and very close to Rye is Bodiam Castle near Robertsbridge. It is a 14th-century moated castle and typifies the idea of a true English Castle.

So whether you plan to stay at a Rye Hotel or one of the many East Sussex Hotels, one this is for sure you will have wide range of place to visit, coastline to explore all in a beautiful area of English countryside.


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