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English Wine East Sussex

Lets be honest, when you conjure up thoughts of vineyards and winemaking we often traditionally think of France Italy and Spain in most cases. Although now as we all know wine is produced in many countries around the globe, in both traditional old world countries and new world countries like South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile.

The addition of the growing new world wine producing countries has seen a surge for wine sales and the consumer’s thirst for alternative wine producing areas, regions and countries, whilst increasing the ever growing wine knowledge of the consumer.

So it might come as some surprise that there has been a real surge in Vineyards being established in the UK over the last 30 years, with the predominant concentration of them situated in the Sussex and Kent regions of the English countryside. East Sussex boasts some of best vineyards, which produce the best wines in the UK and its no wonder that there is even a dedicated UK Wine School at Plumpton College, Nr. Lewes, with its own fully functional commercial winery and vineyards.

If you are planning to visit East Sussex during the summer (or at any time of the year), try to leave a little time during your stay or holiday to visit or have a tour of one (or more) many vineyards throughout East Sussex, followed by a refreshing tasting.

So whether you are looking for Hotels in Rye or you would like to stay in a Country House Hotel Sussex for a quiet and relaxing atmosphere in a rural location. One thing is for sure you will have wide range of vineyards to visit in the area, as well as local places of interest, beautiful coastline to explore in a lovely area of the English countryside.


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