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The thing I like about Cornwall is that the whole county gradually narrows down to a point at Land’s End. This means that when you’re holidaying in Cornwall cottages in the west of the county (which is easily the best part of Cornwall), you don’t have far to travel between any of the popular locations. You can easily spend the entire holiday day-tripping and not feel like you’ve been trapped in the car the entire time.

I’ll throw out a few examples so that you can get an idea of just what this enables you to do. Say, for instance, you were staying in Penzance cottages and decided that you would like to visit St Ives (which you should definitely do as it is a gorgeous little fishing village). Well, you can either hop in the car or get on a bus and be there in time to look around the Tate before lunch. Then, grab some fish and chips on the water front and spend the afternoon wandering up and down the cobbled streets, perhaps popping in to the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden as well, if you feel a little more culture is in order.

Or, you could head off to Sennen Cove and enjoy another picturesque village, complete with the excellent beaches nearby.

Heading back in the evening is easy, and you could even go somewhere else for your supper, and only head back to your accommodation after that. West Cornwall is like a little nugget of holiday heaven, with all the wealth of a much larger area packed in to one bite size chunk.


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