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Courtesy of WikipediaWe all keep hearing about ‘staycation’ in the UK – the word being used for taking a well-earned vacation at home in the UK this year, as things get tougher financially for everyone – but there is a flip side to all of this – as the number of holidaymakers going abroad continues to reduce there are more and more fantastic deals available for holidaying abroad.  Good news for those that love their summer holiday in warmer climates and never more so true for those that love their annual Spanish holiday.

Spain is currently in the balance regarding its Eurozone debt and desperately needs its tourist trade to remain loyal, so this year it is particularly favourable to find cheap holidays in Spain. For people that cannot do without their summer sun, holidaying in Spain could be just the answer – from the UK, holidaymakers have been visiting Spain for years but the numbers are reducing, resulting in many Spanish businesses that rely on this trade offering some fantastic reductions.  If you cannot bear the thought of a holiday in the UK, why not consider a cheap holidays in Spain this year and soak up the Spanish sunshine with a reduced priced, glass of Sangria in hand.

Remember Spain is not always just all about sun, sea and Sangria though – there are some fantastic cheap holidays in Spain that are available all year round and these are Spanish City Breaks.  Spanish city breaks are an amazing way to discover the history and culture of this amazing country.  Of course most popular is Barcelona – the capital of Catalonia to the east and Madrid the capital of Spain in the Iberian Peninsula.  Both cities have a tremendous amount to offer the tourist and are captivating.  Barcelona has a vast number of churches and remarkable public buildings with beautiful architecture and is a must for sight-seers.  Madrid on the other hand has its historic roots but is a more cosmopolitan city that it famous for its stylish shopping areas and nightlife.

Spain really has something for everyone, whether you love the beach, history or cosmopolitan life – and there really has never been a better time to consider cheap holidays in Spain, as the tourist industry reduces their prices to encourage overseas travel rather than staycations in the UK.  For those staying in the UK this year – the summer started off really nice with lovely warm temperatures but as the height of the summer approaches the weather as usual seems to be changing.  If you cannot do without your summer holiday abroad – do as they did in the 1970’s and get away from all the austerity in the UK and go explore Spain – whether it is for the first time or for the umpteenth time because you just cannot do without that wonderful Spanish summer sun.  Spain has always been able to offer reduced holiday prices but now more than ever it is easy to find cheap holidays in Spain – go on and relax away from it all.

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