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vineyard by Zengame

Vineyard in East Sussex

East Sussex has always attracted people as a holiday and mini-break destination, but in recent years it is now attracting favourable attention for other reasons. The counties of East Sussex and Kent are now becoming widely known for their vineyards and the award wining wine they produce.

This is partly due to the ideal climate seen in this part of the UK, but also because much of East Sussex and Kent have a unique soil composition of chalky soil; which is fertile and rich in natural minerals. This soil is the very same which runs from the white cliffs of the south coast, right up onto the beautiful South Downs.

Most of the local East Sussex vineyards offer free guided tours with wine tastings, to help many visitors learn more about English wine and get to taste a wide range of styles, including sparkling wines. The quality and style of English sparkling wine has dramatically improved, this is partly due the advancements of technology, but also due to the soil composition in this area, which is reputed to be the same vein of chalk which runs through under the English Channel and all the way to the department of Champagne in northern France.

This has meant that the styles of the sparkling wines produced in England and especially in the area of East Sussex, are more like their favoured French counterparts, which has helped to raise the profile of English wines and in turn earned them many accolades and awards.

So if you are looking for East Sussex Hotels or for a Rye Holiday, which an ideal place for accommodation and for visiting and exploring many of the local vineyards.



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